Where's Waldo? Free Activities, Online Games, Printables & Hidden Puzzles (2023)

Wheres Waldo? If your kids love to find that familiar red and white stripe shirt and hat, then you are going to love that we have a collection of Wheres Waldo picture puzzles for you that you can easily download and print for free or play online Wheres Waldo.

Where’s Waldo? for Kids

I loved searching through books for Waldo as a kid. With the enormous double-spread illustrated “Where’s Waldo” books, I spent hours searching for the classic red and white striped t-shirt, glasses, and hat. It has been fun to see my own kids embrace Wheres Waldo books and all of Waldo’s adventures – both Where’s Waldo online & the traditional Wheres Waldo books for kids we all remember.

Play Wheres Waldo Games Online

While I used to have to play Where’s Waldo out of a book, that is no longer the case for kids today. Here is a bunch of online Wheres Waldo games you can click and find:

  • Click to Find Waldo (Wally) Hiding in the Pictures on Tiny Tap – This incredibly simple find waldo online game is similar to the books…kids can just click on Waldo when they spot his familiar red and white striped self in the photos. This online find Waldo game is free.
  • Finding Waldo hiding in the picture online is like an I Spy Waldo online game for kids online from Sporacle. Joining is free and kids can compete against the clock.
  • Where’s Waldo Official online game – unfortunately, the PlayWaldo.com website is no longer functional. Hopefully they will fix it…we will keep our eye on it for you.

Free Wheres Waldo Printable Activities for Kids

Check out the Where’s Waldo online resources which takes the Wheres Waldo books to a new level! There are Where’s Waldo videos, Where’s Waldo activities, a connection to Where’s Waldo on social media and new free Where’s Waldo online games to play.

We all have our favorite Wheres Waldo book, but we love the Where’s Waldo Free Printables you can grab…

Where's Waldo? Free Activities, Online Games, Printables & Hidden Puzzles (2)

1. Free Create Your Own Wheres Waldo Scene Printable Activity

You are now the Where’s Waldo artist in charge of creating a Where’s Waldo picture. What are you going to draw around Waldo to hide him from those seeking him?

It’s time to get fiendish! Every Waldo scene needs a good setting – at the seaside, in the park, or even on the moon! Start by drawing the surroundings, and then draw lots of people. Make sure Waldo is colored in and well hidden among the crowd. Then get your friends to see if they can find him!

Download & print the Create Your Own Where’s Waldo Scene

Where's Waldo? Free Activities, Online Games, Printables & Hidden Puzzles (3)
(Video) Find the Animal Game | Can you find the hidden animals?

2. Free Printable Where’s Waldo Matching Game Puzzle

Yep, Waldo is counting on you to sort out these fish!

Waldo and his friends are enjoying a day at sea, but something is fishy! Match up the sets of three identically colored fish. One fish is not part of a set, so have a splish-splashing time finding out which one!

Download & print the Where’s Waldo matching game pdf

Where's Waldo? Free Activities, Online Games, Printables & Hidden Puzzles (4)

3. Free Printable Where’s Waldo Art Activity

This printable Where’s Waldo art activity is so fun! You can design the Where’s Waldo gang some clothing to either stand out…or blend in!

Give some Waldo-watchers striped tops or any other design you like!

Download & print the Wheres Waldo art activity pdf

Where's Waldo? Free Activities, Online Games, Printables & Hidden Puzzles (5)

4. Free Printable Where’s Waldo Word Search Puzzle for Kids

Now you can find Waldo a different way! Not by his red and white hat or striped shirt, but in a Wheres Waldo word search for kids.

Waldo watchers, can you find the following words in this scramble of letters? They go forward, backward, horizontally, vertically and diagonally: Waldo, Great, Picture, Hunt, Odlaw, Whitebeard, Wenda, Woof

Download & print the Wheres Waldo word search for kids

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5. Free Wheres Waldo Coloring Page to Download & Print

Y’all know how much we love free coloring pages here at Kids Activities Blog! Well, no coloring experience would be complete without Where’s Waldo coloring page.

Color in Waldo!

Download & print the free Wheres Waldo coloring page for kids

Where's Waldo? Free Activities, Online Games, Printables & Hidden Puzzles (7)

6. Free Printable Wheres Waldo Wise Cracks Puzzle Worksheet

Need a giggle? Print these funny Wheres Waldo wise cracks and start the funny…

Wizard Whitebeard has cast a happy spell! This scroll is inscribed with lots of jokes. Which one makes you laugh the most? More things to do…make up your own joke in the space on the scroll and test it on your friends. Try out five different laughs!

Download & print the Wheres Waldo Wise Cracks Worksheet pdf

Where's Waldo? Free Activities, Online Games, Printables & Hidden Puzzles (8)

10 Waldo & Friends Printable Character Pages

10 pages of Where’s Waldo characters you can print for play for free! Use them to make stick puppets or paper dolls. Or to make a real life search, Where’s Waldo!

Download & print the 10 page Wheres Waldo character pack

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7. Free Make a Where’s Waldo Scavenger Hunt

Kids love a good scavenger hunt. Check out all the scavenger hunt ideas for kids and then create your own scavenger hunt using the 10 page printable pack of Where’s Waldo characters mentioned above.

How to Set Up a Wheres Waldo Scavenger Hunt

  1. Print off the 10 page Wheres Waldo character pack
  2. If your kids are old enough to cut out the characters with scissors, do that first.
  3. Hide the characters and objects around your house when they are not looking.
  4. Go seek the characters!
  5. Whoever comes back with the most Where’s Waldo characters and objects, wins the game.
  6. If a child is playing by herself, then time the hunt and see if she can beat her previous record.

This can get kids moving even on a snow or rainy day!

More Waldo Puzzles to Play at Home

Your family can also participate in hiding challenges through the #WaldoatHome hashtag.

Update: Candlewick is no longer posting weekly prompts on their social media sites to encourage kids to be clever in where they hide their Waldo printouts. But you can still see some of the play prompts they posted for kids like, “Take a picture of Waldo joining in your favorite way to get up and moving.”

Watch the Where’s Waldo Coloring Book at Fast Speed!

Free Waldo-Inspired Activities

We had a little fun seeing how parents who downloaded the free Where’s Waldo printables used them at home. Check out some of this fun social post that feature the red and white striped Waldo.

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Favorite Where’s Waldo Books for Kids

There is always fun and games to be had with Waldo activity books.

Where's Waldo? Free Activities, Online Games, Printables & Hidden Puzzles (10)

Our personal favorite Where’s Waldo book right now is the “Boredom Buster” book. In addition to seek-and-find spreads, the book is jam-packed with word searches, mazes, matching games, quizzes, and more. As a bonus, the book pages also have a five-minute challenge.

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More Where’s Waldo Books for Kids

  • Where’s Waldo? The Fantastic Journey
  • Where’s Waldo Now?
  • Wheres Waldo? The Incredible Paper Chase
  • Keep kids busy for days with the 8 book collection called Where’s Wally?
  • Or the 6 book collection called Where’s Waldo? The WOW Collection!

In other words, these Where’s Waldo books will most definitely keep your kids busy!It is so fun to “travel” from home and have fun with our favorite wanderer, Waldo.


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What was your favorite Where’s Waldo book or game? Have you played online Wheres Waldo games?


Can I play Where's Waldo online? ›

Just like Old Game Shelf, Arcade Spot offers up a cool selection of old video games. They, too, have the Where's Waldo game ready to play online.

Where is Waldo join the search instructions? ›

This is to draw two cards and the Waldo cards. Show you pictures of hidden objects that you need to

Where is Waldo Google game? ›

Waldo of “Where's Waldo” fame can now be found in Google Maps. Just open the Google Maps app and you'll see Waldo waving at you from the side of the screen. Tap on him to start the game. The game will take you through a series of different locations, advancing from one to the other after Waldo has been found.

Where is Waldo app? ›

Waldo is a desk reservation software made for Microsoft Teams. So first, simply install Waldo from the Microsoft Teams Store.

What does Where's Waldo mean? ›

"Where's Waldo" is a game where you have to scan a sketch of a crowd, looking for a particular person. By using where's-waldo as a verb, I think the writer means the student is not going to read the passage, but just scan over it, looking for a few words that resemble the question.

Can you spot Waldo? ›

Look around landmarks, like a castle or blimp, where you'll be more likely to find him. Waldo's almost never in the top-left corner or around the edges of the page so don't spend too long looking there. Try searching methodically from the bottom left half to the top, then from the right half to the bottom.

Is Where's Waldo still on Google Maps? ›

To start the search, simply update your app or visit google.com/maps on desktop. Then press play when you see me waving at you from the side of your screen. You can even ask the Google Assistant on your phone, Chromebook or Home device, “Hey Google, Where's Waldo?” to start. The fun doesn't stop there.

Who is Waldo in Where's Waldo? ›

Where's Wally?

What type of game is Where's Waldo? ›

Where's Waldo? is a hidden object game developed by Bethesda Softworks and published by THQ for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1991. It was the first video game loosely based on Martin Handford's 1987 book of the same name.

How do you use Waldo? ›

How does Waldo work? You submit a photo of your camper's face and enroll in the service. Waldo does the rest - matching that photo to all the photos in our camp album and sending you all YOUR camper's photos to your phone via the Waldo App.

Where is Waldo Wiki? ›

Where's Wally? (called Where's Waldo? in North America) is a British series of children's puzzle books created by English illustrator Martin Handford. The books consist of a series of detailed double-page spread illustrations depicting dozens or more people doing a variety of amusing things at a given location.

Why is Where's Waldo difficult? ›

The Where's Waldo problem concerns how individuals can rapidly learn to search a scene to detect, attend, recognize, and look at a valued target object in it.

When was Where's Waldo banned? ›

According to the American Library Association's "Challenged and Banned Books" web site (www.ala.org), Martin Handford's "Where's Waldo?" was one of the top 100 most banned books between 1990 and 2000.

What is Waldo hiding from? ›

Why is Waldo hiding? - YouTube


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