21 Advantages and Disadvantages of Offline Classes - Intellectual Gyani (2023)

This paper aims to discuss Advantages and Disadvantages of Offline Classes, though this list could easily be much longer, we’ve boiled it down to the list of top 21 Benefits and drawback of offline classes.

Offline classes are the traditional mode of taking classes which we can say is going out to a school or an institute and attending classes with an instructor. Well here is for the readers that they should not be confused between online and offline learning because they are both different modes serving the same purpose.

If we particularly talk about online learning and trace their history back then it is not something new. People might think that it rose its head only after the outbreak of the deadly most contagious Coronavirus but that only made it popular not new.

The idea of Distance learning, in particular, was born some 170 years ago when lessons in Great Britain were sent through emails and then the assignments were received1. However, the technology now used for Online classes is relatively new.

So let’s get back to offline classes which have been here for longer than we can remember and serving its endeavors with knowledge regarding different fields. Presently there is a shift from the offline mode to online at many places while some are sticking to the conventional ones.

This is why we are here giving a detailed account of the advantages and disadvantages of offline education

21 Advantages and Disadvantages of Offline Classes - Intellectual Gyani (1)

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10 Advantages of offline classes

We agree that online classes can be taken from the comfort of your home but the question is: Are online classes equally effective as offline classes? lets explore what research says about the advantages of offline classes.

1. Less distraction

According to research conducted upon the EFL students of Ibn Ul Khuldun University, students there prefer offline education because of better classroom interaction and understanding. It is inevitable for any person to be sitting in front of the screen for a whole lecture and not get distracted.

This is why lecturers tend to shorten their videos because the student’s attention span is found to be 10-15 minutes. So offline education has classes extending to more than just 15 minutes which means that these classes can gain students’ attention hence harnessing the process of learning.

2. Interaction with students

A major upside of offline education is that it promotes teacher and student interaction and brings learning beyond traditional lecturing.

Interaction raises questions regarding a certain topic which helps to explore and learn much better. Thus attention span of the students also increases if there are interactive sessions. Also, the attention span of students was found to be higher who spent less time on online social networking.

3. Increases student competition

As we read that offline classes increase interaction between the students and when such a healthy environment is created students tend to compete with each other which leads to better learning.

Researchers whose study supports a well-formulated classroom competition have been found to increase their learning, self-esteem, and motivation.


4. Helps in classroom communication

In an online class, you are sitting alone and there is very less communication among the students. The interaction among the students is beneficial in many aspects with positive learning outcomes.

This communication is not just limited among the students but another important aspect is teacher-student interaction which is ample in process of learning.

5. Teachers pay attention to each student

Teacher and student interaction is pivotal in the process of learning. Offline education means teacher gets to know their student better, not just that but when a teacher knows about their student’s thinking then that helps in planning the lessons.

So there are more horizons when there are curriculums as per the needs of the students. Just imagine how helpful it would be that a teacher understands the pace of their students and teaches them accordingly to make the learning process much smoother.

6. Extracurricular activities

We are all aware of the importance of extracurricular activities and only offline learning can serve them best. Some may believe that extracurricular activities might affect academic achievement but the research proves quite the opposite. The former improves the latter.

Another study shows that students may take part in extracurricular activities because of personal interest this increasing their social skills through making friends and teamwork.

7. Punctuality

If the online mode of learning is through the illustration of videos and election the students to learn from them then they would do it at their disposal. This will not bring the necessary discipline in their lives.

As studies conclude that problems with time management have a negative impact on the process of learning.

Moreover, research also signifies that the school students attending morning classes perform better especially in math.

8. Teacher-student interaction

During the learning process, many questions are popping into mind which can only be addressed through offline classes or teachers can better understand the ambiguities. As studies conclude that teacher-student interaction plays a crucial role in both learning and teaching.

Teachers are the ones who have more knowledge but that can only be untapped when students ask them questions and that is an excellent way of learning new things.

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9. Help in homework

Offline mode of study harness interaction and socialization which means that when students are facing difficulty in homework and assignments can take help from their fellow students.

Offline classes bring the best environment for their recipients to socialize and this interaction helps them later in life. This also means that students get to share knowledge with each other removing barriers for one another.

10. Practice based learning

Offline education has well-equipped laboratories, sports equipment, and practice rooms. This is of utmost necessity for those students who have opted for courses that need practice or experimentation.

If you are not opting for offline education then your learning is limited to the theory and you will never be able to fully grasp the concepts if being unable to know their practical essence.

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21 Advantages and Disadvantages of Offline Classes - Intellectual Gyani (2)

10 Disadvantages of offline classes

1. Traveling expenses

The offline classes have their institutes in one place and every student has to make it to their destiny in a different manner. This adds to hours in traveling and preparation which can be not only expensive but that time can be utilized in self-study.

On the contrary online classes can give the liberty of making a schedule to follow so that students make more time for studies.

2. Fixed schedule

In offline classes, the timings are fixed and there is no leniency. Although the reason is not defined there is a higher dropout rate among those students who are employed, working 20 hours a week or full time.

It can be said that the class schedule cannot be of their will due to which they have troubles in balancing both. Research findings show that the attendance of students differs in online (72%) and offline classes (62%).

3. Longer schedules

The classes in offline mode can also take a whole day in some cases. Sometimes the classes are divided in such a fashion that it makes it hard to cope with working hours. The campuses are located in different areas and students who have to come from their homes to attend the classes can sometimes not align well.

4. Expensive mode of study

The offline study is an expensive mode of study about what we have discussed earlier that apart from paying for the tuition fee you have to pay for the boarding charges and manage the expenses to travel to campuses.

This it is not always feasible for everyone to bear with offline education rather in their case online classes are a better option for them. Even the cheapest universities would still cost some 4000 dollars of tuition fee which is exclusive of the rest of the expenses.

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5. Lectures once delivered cannot be repeated

Studying at any offline institute means that the lectures which gave been delivered cannot be repeated. That is a known fact but it is also troublesome for those people who miss their lectures for any circumstances. Offline mode of learning be ones unfriendly to those who have missed their classes and demand to have a repetition of them.

The reason for not attending the lectures are attributed to peer distraction, overcrowding, inconvenience, and logistical reasons as cited in a study. However, students still tend to attend the lectures offline despite being given online access because they find offline mode more disciplined and socialization.

6. Loss in studies

Absentees from institutes have adverse effects on the student’s academic performance. Considering this fact we can say that those students who are opting for online classes will have a negative impact on their studies because some of them who are dealing with unfavorable circumstances and somehow miss the class have a great loss.

On the contrary, the recorded online lectures can be seen and understood anytime which only enhances the academic experience.

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7. Lack of advanced technology

Online classes are a great opportunity to learn about the advancement in technology. Through the use of laptops or computers and connecting with other students through different mediums are enlightening them to know how they can handle the technology and make good use of it.

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Students who have been doing offline education since the beginning may not have exposure to technology and it is a loss in the present era of advancing industry.

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8. Dependency on teachers

Students get too dependent on the teacher. Till a certain level students should be given some challenging circumstances through which they can un-tap their true potential. This is only possible when teachers get less and less involved and give them tasks in which they have to explore on their own.

With less interference from teachers in online education, students can help themselves more.

According to research, those students who avoid seeking help have more maladaptive behavior but students who sought the help of others were more sociable but also maladaptive in academic achievement, efficacy, and anxiety.

9. Limited choice of courses.

With offline studies, you have to search for the required institute and then consider that you are able to go there, and also your admission is subject to their qualification criteria. There are so many prerequisites in order to just get into an offline institute that is creating barriers in the way of learning.

Any times people would not be able to find the courses they want to enroll into giving a setback that they are studying something that they don’t want to just because of the feasibility.

Research suggests that there are impacts of social stratification on the choice of course as well that the students who are from a less privileged background do not have access to those subjects that are more demanding and have higher academic achievement. Therefore offline education is not free from division in social and racial groups.

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10. Limited time for themselves.

The timing of the offline classes cannot be predicted and they are not the same all over. Many students who want to indulge in other activities apart from their studies can sometimes find it hard to make the time. For example, someone who is interested in traveling cannot pursue his ambition because his class timing does not bear much respite for him.

There can be many such cases so offline mode brings this disadvantage to people who have other hobbies which need exclusive time.

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There are many studies that debate the online versus offline mode of learning. Now it is important that when we go through the debate we need to consider which courses are being offered and that what aspect of online and offline studies is being investigated. It is very important to keep the details of the research studies in mind and then follow the results.

If we keep these details in mind then online and offline studies both have their pros and cons. So if any one of you wants to opt for either one of them then you should also consider what are your requirements and what kind of courses you are interested in. Only then you will be able to understand which mode you shall need.

Learning is the process that has to go throughout life so even if you have attained a valuable degree your course to adapt to new things will go on. Getting to know about the latest technology is the best but also the traditional processes are vital because for many people that is still their method. In the case of offline education, we shall put it this way that everyone should be aware of both types of learning modes because that shall enhance the process of learning.

Online and offline classes when they are done with excellence than can bring results that harness learning and educating the masses. It is a good idea to use both methods called blended classes so that students get to see both sides and learn in a better environment.

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So above is the Top 20 advantages and disadvantages of offline classes. I guess you’ve finished reading it,
I highly recommend you to read this amazing and well researched articles on the Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Classes.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of offline classes? ›

Advantages of Offline Classes in School Campus
  • Small Kids Can Not Cope-Up With Online Education Method. ...
  • Students Learn To Maintain Discipline. ...
  • Regular Completion of Academic Work. ...
  • Learning of Various Skills. ...
  • No More Gadget Addiction. ...
  • Better Student-Teacher Interaction. ...
  • Save Resources. ...
  • No Disturbance.
28 Oct 2021

What are the advantage of offline classes? ›

Mode of Education in Offline and Online Classes

On the other hand, offline classes provide students with a practical learning environment within the walls of a physical classroom. It allows students to closely interact with their teachers as well as participate actively in live discussions and debates.

What are the 10 disadvantages of online classes? ›

Ten Disadvantages of Online Courses
  • Online courses require more time than on-campus classes. ...
  • Online courses make it easier to procrastinate. ...
  • Online courses require good time-management skills. ...
  • Online courses may create a sense of isolation. ...
  • Online courses allow you to be more independent.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of offline examination? ›

1) Offline mode of study is more beneficial and productive as compared to any other mode of study. 2) The offline mode of study enables direct interaction between the teachers and students. 3) Offline studies provide a healthy competitive environment to the students.

What is the advantage of offline exam? ›

The advantages of the offline mode of exams are listed below: Little to no technical issues: Unlike online examinations, offline examinations have little to no cases of technical problems. The students are not required to have gadgets, devices, or a stable internet connection for appearing their exams offline.

Why is offline better than online? ›

Offline classes promote group projects with other students, and it helps the students to learn new skills. Online education makes students more introverted as they connect with other students only through online chatting, not face-to-face interaction.

What is the importance of offline education? ›

Teachers pay attention to each student

Teacher and student interaction is pivotal in the process of learning. Offline education means teacher gets to know their student better, not just that but when a teacher knows about their student's thinking then that helps in planning the lessons.

What is offline learning in education? ›

1. Refers to a traditional type of learning where learners or students are not exposed to digital learning but rather use face to face learning.

What is offline learning essay? ›

Offline classes, also known as the traditional way of teaching, are when students have to attend classes in their respective Institutions in person. In offline classes, students can interact with their teachers face to face.

What are the advantage and disadvantage of online and offline? ›

Surprisingly, these online classes have aided students more than ever before the lockdown. Learners can now have the advantage of both online and offline training.
Online Classes vs. Offline Classes.
Online ClassesOffline Classes
It saves you a lot of time and provides you with wonderful visual aids for faster learning.Massive loss of time.
6 more rows

What are the advantages and disadvantages of online courses? ›

There are advantages of online learning like accessibility, low cost, and convenience. However, online classes also have disadvantages such as lack of human interaction, plagiarism issues, and a disconnect with the instructor.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of online exams? ›

What is an online examination?
  • Environmentally friendly. One of the biggest, yet indirect advantages of online examinations is the impact it has on the environment. ...
  • Saves you money. ...
  • Saves time, big time. ...
  • Plugged into technology. ...
  • More secure, less cheating. ...
  • It's convenient. ...
  • Challenges of tech. ...
  • Infrastructure problems.

What is the advantage and disadvantages? ›

As nouns, the difference between disadvantage and advantage is that disadvantage is a weakness or undesirable characteristic; a con while the advantage is any condition, circumstance, opportunity, or means, particularly favorable to success, or any desired end.

What are the disadvantages of education? ›

Disadvantages of Formal Education:

Sometimes, brilliant students get bored because of the long tenure of academic sessions. Exams and grades can sometimes lead to stress and anxiety. It is costly and rigid. An unprofessional and non-standard education system may also cause wastage of time and money.

What are offline classes? ›

Offline classes are traditional ways of teaching in which students can face to face interaction with their teacher. In offline classes, there is more interaction between students and teachers than in offline classes.

Which is best online or offline? ›

Online examination can't hone the ability, skill, interest, aptitude and temperament of students. Offline exams on the other hand have diagnostic as well as prognostic value. Hence, the institutions concerned should conduct offline examination and students should appear in that without any grudge.

Why are offline exams better than online essays? ›

Offline exams are far better than online. By offline I mean that you have to go to the center to write the exam. One major reason behind this is it reduces chances of cheating by a great amount. We also get the feel of an exam which I feel lacks in an online exam.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of online courses? ›

There are advantages of online learning like accessibility, low cost, and convenience. However, online classes also have disadvantages such as lack of human interaction, plagiarism issues, and a disconnect with the instructor.

What are some advantages and disadvantages of online learning? ›

Comparison Table for Advantages & Disadvantages of Online Learning/Classes
Less IntensityExcess exposure to screen time
The comfort of your HomeRequires self-discipline and time management skills Diminished social interaction
Easier AttendanceLack of trust between teacher and students
7 more rows
17 Jan 2022

What is the importance of offline education? ›

Teachers pay attention to each student

Teacher and student interaction is pivotal in the process of learning. Offline education means teacher gets to know their student better, not just that but when a teacher knows about their student's thinking then that helps in planning the lessons.

What are the 10 advantages of online learning? ›

10 Advantages of Online Classes
  • Variety of programs and courses: ...
  • Lower total costs: ...
  • More comfortable learning environment: ...
  • Convenience and flexibility: ...
  • More interaction and greater ability to concentrate: ...
  • Career advancement: ...
  • Continue in your profession:
18 Jun 2020


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