18 3rd Grade Classroom Management Tips and Ideas - Teaching Expertise (2023)

The average third-grader's brain is beginning to strengthen into one that can handle higher-level thinking activities. Therefore, teachers can add deeper-thinking classroom activities to their lessons. However, classroom behavior is as important as ever. Create a positive classroom culture by trying the following 18 classroom management tips and ideas.

1. Introduce Yourself With A Mystery Bag

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Develop positive relationships with students by creatively introducing yourself at the beginning of the school year. Bring in a brown bag with a few "mystery" items inside. Have the class guess what each is and then introduce yourself by explaining how each item represents you. Give a brown bag to individual students and have them fill their bags with items from home that represent them.

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2. Student Collaboration And Participation: My Two Cents

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Promote equality and class participation with the “My Two Cents” game. Have a “class cup.” Give 2 pennies to each student. When a student answers a question or comments on another student's answer, he puts a penny in the cup. When he is out of pennies, he waits to answer again until everyone has had a chance. Acquire student buy-in via giving a reward if the entire class participated.

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3. Pass Out Brag Tags

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Students will feel a sense of ownership over their learning with brag tags. Using Brag Tags is a classroom management technique to reward positive behavior and meet expectations for academic learning. The student's goal is to collect them all for a reward. Maybe a student was actively listening well. Give them a 'tag' that says "Super Star Listener." Give them a chain or string to display them, too.

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4. Create AWhile You Were OutFolder

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Part of successful classroom management is teaching student responsibility. One way to help with this component of learning is using a 'While You Were Out' folder. If a student misses class, place anything given out that day into the folder. Make sure you write their name on the handouts. Then, when the student returns, their responsibility is to check the folder for their work before they ask for additional instruction.

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5. Classroom Rules and Procedures

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Create classroom expectations or a list of rules. Do not create too many, and make sure they are positive and straightforward. Have each student sign the bottom of the list and keep the poster in the front of your class to reference daily. Additionally, explain the difference between rules and procedures. Display the procedures as well, and review them with the students. This should create an orderly learning environment.

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6. Create An Inviting Classroom

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One of the components of classroom management is to create an inviting classroom. You want all students to feel welcomed. Hang up student work, stock your classroom library, and be creative with the classroom layout. Try being creative with classroom seating. It's a comfort for students to feel safe and appreciated in your classroom. It also makes day-to-day classroom life less stressful.

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7. Start The Year With Community Building

A great way to build aclassroom community and a confident learning environment is to have your students start the year with a teamwork challenge. This video gives plenty of great ideas and can work for many grade levels. Modify them as you need. These games allow for students to have contact with students, as well as the teacher, in order for everyone to get to know each other.

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8. Beat Dismissal Time Disasters

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Brilliant teachers establish a routine for the dismissal time. It is essential in terms of classroom management goals. Make it a positive experience by taking a bit of time to ask each student to tell you two good things about their day. Perhaps have students complete jobs and collect any paperwork you need to hand out. This site has great ideas to implement.

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9. Avoid Nameless Homework

3rd-grade students are notorious for handing in nameless papers. Kick this habit of forgetfulness by making it a classroom routine that they must highlight their name before handing in their work. Whether they keep a highlighter on their desk or you have a bucket of highlighters next to the spot where students hand in their work. It will make your life so much easier!

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10. Get The Wiggles Out

Whether you are an adult or a 3rd grader, people of all age levels need to get up and move around. You can do this in a few different ways, but using some form of physical activity, like dancing, is fun. Also, it helps to give your brain a little break from learning. Brain breaks are pretty popular these days.

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11. Have A Policy For School Supplies

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There are many reasons to have a school supply policy in your list of classroom rules. While having proper supplies creates a positive learning environment, not having classroom rules regarding them can lead to problems. For example, the more a student has to fidget with, the more classroom disruptions you'll deal with. Additionally, not all students can afford many of the "cool" supplies, which can leave them feeling left out.

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12. Use EdTech For Classroom Participation and Engagement

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Academic engagement skyrockets when technology is in the mix. Many educational software programs allow you to set the pace for each student, allowing you to use differentiated instruction strategies so students don't end up feeling overwhelmed and classroom engagement rises. EdPuzzle is effective in helping you with completing an assignment in class or at home for homework.

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13. Rehearse Transitions

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A classroom management idea to definitely put on your list is to teach students how to transition, whether that is from one subject to another or to go to lunch. Sometimes you have to teach specific student behaviors because they do not know what you expect unless they're taught. It's one of those bits of content that isn't necessarily in the curriculum but is essential.

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14. Anticipate Problems And Be Proactive

A great classroom management idea is anticipating problems before they occur and being proactive. Teachers can't escape having a classroom of individual students without anticipating disruptive behavior during the school day. Plan your lessons and create classroom strategies with this in mind. Also, reminding students of behavioral expectations can keep even challenging students in control.

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15. Encourage Initiative With Choice Boards

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Encouraging initiative with your students. Perhaps create a fun choice board that includes some broad project ideas and encourage the students to choose one they'd like to try. Here is a link to help you set up choice boards in Google Suite. Also, allow those willing to work ahead to do so. Use their readiness to work ahead to challenge eager learners and even give them additional work to practice.

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16. Give Tangible Rewards

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Give class rewards at the end of the lesson. Maybe give out raffle tickets to the students listening and following classroom procedures. They can submit their ticket by putting them into a special bucket. You pick out one or two tickets from the bucket at the end of the week. The winners can receive anything from a fidget toy to a free homework pass.

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17. Offer Different Types Of Free Study Time

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Since every child learns differently, offer a few different areas to study for study time. Organize the classroom into groups. One group can be for the students who need silence to concentrate. Another can be for students who wish to listen to audiobooks while reading. A third can be for students who prefer to work in pairs (keep them away from the quiet zone). This benefits diverse learners.

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18. Address Inappropriate Or Off-Task Behavior Quickly

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Making eye contact with disruptive students works sometimes, but often, the inappropriate behavior continues. Always have a few different plans to address disruptive student behavior. One classroom management tool is to have cards made up with a warning to stop the behavior and a message that you will speak with the student later. Talk to the student privately if you can.

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What are 10 tips for good classroom management? ›

The top ten tips for classroom management are: (1) Build community; (2) Design a safe, friendly, and well-managed classroom environment; (3) Include students in creating rules, norms, routines, and consequences; (4) Create a variety of communication channels; (5) Always be calm, fair, and consistent; (6) Know the ...

What is the key to an effective classroom management explain your answer? ›

Teachers can step aside, be supportive, and listen. Welcome students into the classroom. Activities such as positive greetings at the door and icebreaker questions help create a warm classroom culture. Use positive communication techniques.

How would you describe your classroom management skills? ›

Example: "I'd describe my classroom management style as being authoritative, but not authoritarian. I like to bring everything I have to my teaching, which means I emphasize rules and proper behavior, but I also focus on engagement and student enjoyment.

What is the best classroom management style? ›

The authoritative approach is the best form of classroom management style because it is the one most closely associated with appropriate student behaviors.

What is a good classroom management? ›

Good classroom management isn't simply about keeping everyone in their seats and quiet. It's about building strong relationships with your students, encouraging them to take part in their own learning, and sharing a little of yourself. A classroom culture that is good for kids is good for teachers, too.

What are the 4 keys for successful classroom management? ›

Building Community, Motivation, Responsibility, and School Safety. Explore the four key skill areas (community, motivation, responsibility, and school safety) essential to establishing an atmosphere that supports learning for all students.

What are the 5 principles of classroom management? ›

Effective classroom management requires awareness, patience, good timing, boundaries, and instinct.

What are my main responsibilities in classroom management? ›

Classroom Management Guide
  • Organizing your Classroom and Supplies. ...
  • Establishing Classroom Norms and Expectations. ...
  • Fostering Student Accountability. ...
  • Getting Off to a Good Start. ...
  • Planning and Conducting Instruction. ...
  • Managing Cooperative Learning Groups. ...
  • Maintaining Appropriate Student Behavior. ...
  • Communication Skills for Teaching.
11 Jun 2022

What are the 3 C's of classroom management? ›

As you consider some of your most challenging students or classes, think about your approach to classroom management through the lens of these three areas: connection, consistency, and compassion.

How do you handle challenging classes? ›

Classroom Conflict: 7 Effective Strategies for Dealing with Challenging Behaviour
  1. 1) Take A Restorative Approach. ...
  2. 2) Getting To Know You. ...
  3. 3) Turn Positive Behaviour Into A Lesson. ...
  4. 4) Replace Negatives With Positives. ...
  5. 5) Only Punish Students When Necessary. ...
  6. 6) Create A Calm Space. ...
  7. 7) Don't Practice Public Consequences.
26 Aug 2020

How do you motivate your students? ›

Top 5 Strategies for Motivating Students
  1. Promote growth mindset over fixed mindset. ...
  2. Develop meaningful and respectful relationships with your students. ...
  3. Grow a community of learners in your classroom. ...
  4. Establish high expectations and establish clear goals. ...
  5. Be inspirational.
4 Jun 2018

What is the best method of teaching? ›

There is no “best” method of teaching. However, many researchers today agree that including more student-centered learning approaches in the classroom can improve learning. Using only a teacher-centered approach leaves out many skills and learning opportunities for students.

How do you control students talking in class? ›

Dealing with Excessive Talking
  1. Communicate your rules regarding talking. ...
  2. Cue the student to stop talking with a pre-arranged signal. ...
  3. Stand by your students. ...
  4. Do not bail out a student who has been talking. ...
  5. Use a noise meter. ...
  6. Keep track of their noisiness using a stopwatch.

How do you manage classroom effectively and positively? ›

Here are some of the effective classroom management strategies to help you create an environment that's conducive to teaching and learning.
  1. Establish a Positive Relationship with Your Students. ...
  2. Encourage Questions. ...
  3. Praise Your Students. ...
  4. Organize Group Projects. ...
  5. Engage in 2-Way Feedback.

What is the importance of classroom management in the teaching and learning process? ›

Research indicates that classroom management systems are effective in managing student behavior and learning because they sustain an orderly learning environment for students, enhance students' academic skills and competencies, and further social and emotional development.

How can teachers maintain a focus on teaching and learning? ›

These include: Essential questions, which are used to determine the goal of lessons. Activating strategy, which is a method teachers use to get students excited about and connecting the content to their own lives. Relevant vocabulary, which refers to using vocabulary that students understand.

How a teacher can control a class? ›

Classroom Management Techniques
  • Understand your students. Get to know each student as an individual. ...
  • Practice patience with Rational Detachment. ...
  • Set effective limits. ...
  • Keep to the schedule you set. ...
  • Be aware of the causes of behavior. ...
  • Engage with students. ...
  • More classroom management resources:
4 Jan 2021

What is classroom management example? ›

For example, if a teacher has a “show up for class late, and you'll receive a tardy” rule, a teacher will want to ensure students have enough time to get from their last class to the next class in a timely manner.

What are the 5 approaches to classroom management? ›

Five Classroom Management Strategies That Work
  • Be specific when identifying a problem behavior. ...
  • Set up the classroom environment for success. ...
  • Teach and reinforce new social and behavioral skills to preserve a positive classroom climate. ...
  • Actively engage students in tangible ways. ...
  • It's hard work!
19 Nov 2019

What are the 5 components of classroom management? ›

  • Develop Effective Working Relationships With Your Students. ...
  • Train Your Students on How Learning Takes Place in Your Classroom. ...
  • Protect and Leverage Your Time. ...
  • Anticipate Your Students' Behaviors in Well-Written Lesson Plans. ...
  • Establish Behavioral Standards.
2 Sept 2016


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